Information About Treatment Using Provenge® (sipuleucel-T)

Provenge® is immunotherapy (made from your own cells) for advanced prostate cancer. It is designed to work with your immune system to seek out and attack your advanced prostate cancer. Provenge® is clinically proven to help extend life in certain men with advanced prostate cancer.

Provenge® is infused intravenously, typically over 60 minutes. The recommended course is 3 doses, each administered approximately 2 weeks apart.

Prior to infusion, you will undergo a process called apheresis where samples of your own blood will be collected and separated into plasma and cells, and the cells will be reintroduced into your body during Provenge® infusion.

Even if you already received treatment for advanced prostate cancer, you may benefit from Provenge®.

Ask your doctor if you could benefit from Provenge®.

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