Radiation Oncology Fact Sheets

To physicians and friends,

While learning what you need to know during residency is an exciting challenge, keeping up to date after residency is arguably more difficult. Hopefully, this guide can help physicians in both camps. Open the navigation tabs on the left of any document and you'll see how I arranged each section by category.

First, I apologize if there are any errors in this document. If you find typos, please email me back at AZhang@ccoi.org so I can fix it. I initially thought about publishing these notes but decided against it. Having them available to download is the most efficient way to share information. Plus, I want this to be a free-to-access resource.

Second, please share our website with anyone who you think could benefit. You can download the files below, print, and annotate as you like. I hope to release updates yearly.

Finally, I plan to release Fact Sheets for every major disease site soon. This will take time, so I appreciate your patience and encouragements!


Andrew Zhang

KSK Cancer Center of Irvine