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Welcome to the KSK Cancer Center of Irvine (CCOI) a privately owned comprehensive medical center which offers top quality treatment and care from our finest medical faculty; handpicked for their expertise, years of experience and quality of care. Our dedicated team of experts are deeply involved in innovative cancer treatments, revolutionary cancer research, and patient education. CCOI also works closely with many well-respected physicians in our community and across the country to ensure the best patient care.

CCOI offers the highest quality cutting edge Radiation Oncology treatments for various cancers. We specialize in external beam radiotherapy, brachytherapy, and cutting edge infusion therapies. We are highlighted by our expertise internationally in both prostate and breast cancer treatment. CCOI also has an extensive background in treating many other areas such as lung, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, gynecological, skin, brain and palliative cases. Our cure rates remain among the best in the country.

Our Facility offers both External Beam Radiation therapy with a Varian TrueBeam® Linear Accelerator and Brachytherapy with a Gamma Med HDR Unit, depending on cancer type/location. KSK Medical is one of a few privately owned medical centers in the United States with the accessibility to both an Imaging Center and a Procedure Center, making this a "one stop shop" for many patients. Our Imaging Center offers a vast array of technologies for screening and the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. They include: PET/CT scans, magnetic resonance imaging, computerized tomography, hi-definition ultrasound. To have such a wide range of technologies at a stand-alone facility is extremely rare and allows our physicians to provide the most comprehensive care for our patients.

Our physicians have performed over 4,500 prostate and breast cancer procedures with combined external x-ray and internal high dose rate brachytherapy. Our dedication to patient care and clinical research has produced in excess of 50 publications. Such a prolific research output from a private cancer center is exceptional and speaks to our physician's commitment to advancing medical knowledge.

KSK Cancer Center of Irvine is truly devoted to patients & their families!

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