Fatigue may occur as a result of radiation therapy. You can control the effects of fatigue by modifying your daily activities. The following suggestions can help:

  • Work slowly and rest before you begin to feel tired.
  • Take short rest periods. A 15-20 minute rest every 1/2 hour is better than one long nap.
  • Sit for as many activities as possible.
  • Exercise
    • Plan for some exercise everyday. Even a 5-minute walk will help you to relieve fatigue.
    • If you spend most of your time in bed or a chair, ask the doctor or therapist for exercises you can do sitting or lying down.
  • Eat a high protein, high calorie diet. (Ask for our written suggestion handout).
  • Drink 8 cups of water or juice a day.
  • Keep a record to determine the relationship between fatigue and your treatments. You may be able to predict when you are most tired. For example, some patients feel the most fatigue 1-2 hours after treatment. Plan your lightest activities for this time.