Our Team

Kenneth M. Tokita, M.D.

Kenneth M. Tokita, M.D. is a graduate of the University of Washington School Of Medicine. He interned at the University of Southern California and underwent residencies at both the Mayo Clinic and the University of Washington. After proudly serving as a US Army physician, Dr. Tokita eventually settled his practice in Southern California. With over 35 years' experience, Dr. Tokita is one of the nation's foremost experts in radiation therapy. He has developed many treatment techniques, such as leading the original spacer material studies that helped develop SpaceOAR. His studies ultimately led to the FDA approval of SpaceOAR. Dr. Tokita has also developed many other treatment techniques that are used today and continues to develop advanced techniques that place him on the leading edge in radiation oncology.

Dr. Tokita's ground-breaking accomplishments, years of expertise and patient care has led to a dream of the most ideal comprehensive medical centers in Southern California. Dr. Tokita was the Founding Director at Torrance Memorial Hospital, St. John's Hospital and currently at KSK Medical.

KSK Medical is a true image of Dr. Tokita's passion, top-notch patient care and "patient first and foremost" philosophy. His passion is so great that it has transpired to his medical care team to share the same philosophy.

Our only interest is providing the finest individualized care that each patient deserves.

John Ravera, M.D.

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Our Team also includes: Radiation Therapists, Dosimetrists & Physicists