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KSK Newsletter

At the KSK Cancre Center of Irvine, we are always excited to share information about new services and treatment therapies and, to introduce you to the talented individuals that continue to join our team of experts. As an active sponsor and host of a variety of events, we look forward to keeping you apprised of these activities as they occur throughout the year.

Greet-The-Day Spa Treatment

Greet-The-Day Spa Treatment for our female patients every quarter year, we are fortunate to provide a spa day for 2 current or past patients that have had treatment at our center. The complimentary spa and lunch grants female patients the opportunity to...

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Radiation Therapy 101

What is Radiation Therapy? Radiation Therapy is the medical use of ionizing radiation as part of cancer treatment to control cancer cells. Varian 23 iX with OBI imaging, Uses of Radiation Therapy: Radiation Therapy can be used for the primary course of...

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Pushback in flap over prostate test

Tokita, head of the Irvine Cancer Center, insists all men should have an initial prostate-specific antigen test at age 40 to determine their risk level for cancer. “The recent controversy of ‘drawing too many PSAs’ is a sad replay of heart and breast...

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